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Al-Quran World is an online Quran academy, founded by a team of dedicated and hard-working scholars to teach the Holy Quran to everyone willing to learn. We strive to provide our students with the best online teaching experience and raise the standards of online Quran tutoring.

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Distinguished teachers, flexible times, and modern teaching aids in teaching adults and children, you just have to start and we will be by your side step by step

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Do not delay in getting started and learn from where you are at home or work, it is your chance to learn the correct reading of the Qur’an. .

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Few of the teachers who are keen to develop their abilities and add new to their experiences, and Al-Quran World Academy is keen to select the best specialized teachers from the Middle East.

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You will not achieve your educational goals, unless you sincerely intend to learn and choose the right academy that offers education in an attractive way.

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We provide quality education, and our goal is to spread the teachings of Islam throughout the world.

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One to one classes, all the class time for you

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Teachers have Ijazah and graduated from Al-azhar

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We support you all the seven days and 24 hours, and we regularly evaluate your child in live sessions



Abu Saleh Shoaib‎

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Alhamdulillah, Al Quran World is the best online quran school for Quran learning . I have started my class with them. They highly recommended.

Om Abdulrahman

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Thank you Al Quran World .It was a great experience.

Hawa Raji

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AlhamduliAllah I can never Express enough the good quality of the Al Quran program you have! The help and support I am getting from my teacher sister Fatimah and the administration just to helped learn the book of Allah (S.W.T) is overwhelming! Please let me know how I can help in support the ongoing of this program. Jazakaallahkhaire and may Allah continue to rewards you all..

Al-Quran World online Quran academy – Unseal new dimensions of knowledge

Have you ever wished you could unveil the wonders of the Quran but didn’t know where to start? At Al-Quran World, we’ve created a series of Quran courses to help you explore the depths of the Sacred Book. Using our platform, you can improve your understanding of Islam, cultivate a sense of connection, learn to speak Arabic, and get multiple lifelong rewards as a Muslim.

The door’s always open to the Divine Text

With our focus on your excellence, Al-Quran World brings the classroom into your web browser. When learning at the Quran academy, you can choose from a diversity of courses and access knowledgeable instructors dedicated to helping you reach a higher understanding through interactive classes, assignments, and feedback loops.

Whether you are a beginner seeking to learn the basics or an adept looking for spiritual growth and life guides for developing wisdom and peace in your daily life, our Quran academy classes allow you to dive deeper into the teachings of the Book. That’s where you will be engrossed by:

  • Reading and understanding. Our school of the Quran sets all students up for an immersive journey into reading, understanding, and applying the Quranic Text in their everyday routines. You’ll gain fundamental insights about Quran recitation, Tajweed, and more.
  • History and context. You’ll explore centuries-old stories about prophets, hermeneutical approaches for interpreting the Scripture, philosophy, and the general history of Islam. Learning about the context provides a valuable base for your further discoveries.
  • Arabic language. For those who want to delve deeper into the richness of the Arabic language, Al-Quran World offers a program tailored for language acquisition by non-Arabic speakers.

Why become a student of the Al-Quran World Quran online academy

We’ve gathered a team of Ijazah teachers and of native speakers of Arabic all from Egypt who are passionate about spreading knowledge and helping others grow spiritually. They use their expertise to orchestrate advanced teaching techniques with conservative Islamic learning methods.


The classes taught at the Al-Quran World Quran academy online are completely flexible. You can coordinate your schedule with your teacher and study from anywhere.

Comprehensive syllabus

Al-Quran World’s syllabus covers various aspects of Islamic studies, including recitation, Tajweed, interpreting & Tafseer, memorization, and other topics related to the Quran teachings. This ensures you receive a comprehensive understanding of the Sacred Text and its ideas, though you are welcome to pick and try any curriculum separately.

How to attend your first Quran course online

Browse our lecture series and narrow down your options based on your level and interests. Then glance over our instructors according to their specialties to know your teacher is an expert in helping you reach your goals. Once you’ve chosen the course that fits your needs and got to know your tutor, it’s time to kickstart your journey.

Understanding the Scripture leads to personal growth, spiritual development, and greater world awareness. Deepen your relationship with the Holy Book – enroll in your Quran courses online today!