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About the Course

The online Arabic course – The language help you need

Discover one of the oldest yet top-spoken languages in the world that can be your gateway to the Muslim spirituality heritage. The Al-Quran World’s Arabic learning course will help you get a deeper understanding of the sacred language and culture.

It’s a perfect starting point for reading and writing, whether your goal is related to understanding Islam, studying the Holy Book, or socializing on the web. With our online Arabic teachers, you will feel more comfortable on your way to learning it. As a beginner, you’ll appreciate the stress-free way of being introduced to the language of Allah. It isn’t as hard as it seems!

Student-focused Arabic learning course

Traditional classes and teaching methods are becoming inconvenient because no one has the time for this kind of commitment. While the Internet shakes it up with a range of programs and aids for language learners, these are too complex for beginners when it comes to Arabic courses online.

Arabic is considered so challenging for foreigners due to the complexity of its pronunciation and graphical representation of characters. Though it is likely to share common consonants with your native language, many sounds are pronounced differently, and the same letter can stand for a consonant or a vowel, depending on the context. That’s why you need Arabic courses with expert guidance to make sure you get the pronunciation right.

The changing form of the characters according to their location within a word is another unique feature. Compared to many other foreign languages, you have to begin with a basic know-how that is more complex than just learning a set of letters. That’s why you will find it easier with the live support of our private teacher than starting with standard Arabic online classes. The native-speaking tutors at Al-Quran World will help you learn Arabic faster and more enjoyably.

The best Arabic language teachers at Al-Quran World

The secret to unlocking your learning potential is finding the right balance between study materials, an individual teaching approach, and live interaction with native speakers. One-to-one communication is the best use of your time, as you have the tutor’s undivided attention and no distractions.

The main advantages of beginner online Arabic classes at Al-Quran World:

    • Suitable for all ages
    • Flexible and individually paced
    • Interactive, immersive, and results-driven
    • Personalized to your needs
    • Accessible from anywhere

This course takes you through the essentials of phonetic and word formation to identifying and reproducing Arabic words in speech and writing. Covering the basics and gradually enriching your vocabulary with commonly used words and phrases, it gives you a smooth start to understanding and speaking Arabic with confidence.

Building up from there for conversational fluency or reciting the Holy Quran is a matter of your choice. That’s what our native-speaking tutors and Quranic Text experts can help you with after you receive your course certificate of completion. If you choose to immerse yourself in Arabic further, we offer many fascinating ways to proceed.