Easy quran memorization Some people find it difficult to memorize, but in fact, it is the opposite.

Many seek to memorize the Noble Quran in various countries of the world, with the aim of drawing closer to God, the Exalted, and to act on the Sunnah of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

And in order to achieve this desire, you have to do some things so that you can memorize the Noble Quran easily without any obstacles facing you until you complete memorizing it well.


Easy Quran memorization

Easy Quran memorization

Foundations of memorizing the Holy Quran

There are things that you must do while memorizing and focus on providing them before starting to memorize the Noble Quran. The memorization of the Quran must be done by a Sheikh to correct your recitation of the Quran correctly. In order to be able to memorize without making mistakes, because when you change the formation or pronunciation of a different word, this exposes you to change the meaning of the verse.

This is the word of God Almighty, and it is not possible to distort or change it, whether intentionally or unintentionally. You can specify for yourself two aspects of the Quran for memorization every day and divide them into two different dates. For example, one face after Fajr and the other after Asr or after sunset. Even if you persist in that every day, you can complete the Noble Quran memorizing within one year and with pious memorization.


Ease of memorizing the Quran

You should not exceed two faces per day so that you do not have difficulty memorization and your determination and willpower diminish. There is a lot that remains for a long time in the confusion of memorization, from Surat Al-Nas to Al-Baqarah or from Surat Al-Baqarah to Surat Al-Nas. It is better to start with an easy task, which is from Surat An-Nas, but it is better to revise it from Surat Al-Baqarah to Al-Nas.

It is preferable to memorize one Quran, meaning one edition, that you keep with you everywhere, in order to memorize it and review it as well. This is because your mind memorizes the shape of the face that you memorized, and it becomes fixed in your mind and when you listen to that page, your mind immediately imagines to you the page you are reading from. This helps you quickly memorize and memorize verses’ locations with ease and the beginning and end of the pages.


Tips for memorizing the Holy Quran

1- There are many directions and advice that we offer you before starting to memorize the Noble Quran or for

those who have a desire to memorize the Quran.

2- But in front of him are difficulties that he faces, or laziness, or many sins that he falls into, so his support is

through repentance and a lot of forgiveness, and he seeks the help of God Almighty and saves the intention for him.

3- You must join the Holy Quran memorization sessions, whether in special institutes for memorizing the

Noble Quran or in mosques or other places that help the Quran easily.

4- And joining a team that memorizes the Quran because a group of individuals raises the energy and

determination to memorize the Noble Quran easily.

5- A simple and steady amount should be adhered to, to preserve neither much nor little.

6- The destiny that helps you memorize quite easily, and determines for you a daily response of recitation,

memorization, and review of the old.


How to memorize the Quran easily

1- This is determined according to your capacity and your ability to do so in light of your work and business.

2- You have to make sure to recite the part of your day that you memorize with the prayers that you pray

during the day and night, especially in the redundant prayers.

3- In order to stay away from obligatory prayers, God forbids making mistakes and the like.

4- It must also take advantage of the blessed periods of the year for good conservation, such as the

the blessed month of Ramadan, the days of Friday, and the ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah.


Ways to memorize the Holy Quran easily

There are many ways to memorize the Quran, but you must choose the method that suits you.

Here, we offer you one of the ways to memorize the Holy Quran easily

You have to invest your time in remembrance of God Almighty a lot, and the best remembrance is to recite the

Holy Quran, but you have to do the following:

Choose the time of preservation, preferably the time of Fajr, but on the condition that no food enters your stomach.

This puts the brain in full focus on digesting food, and you cannot memorization it easily.

You have to start memorizing at the time of dawn without eating any food or drinking soft drinks, so do not keep

your mind busy without memorizing the app online the Noble Quran holy at this time.

Choose the place where you save with high accuracy, which is where you keep your eyes, tongue, and ear.

The outlets of memory are three, for example, we have a basin and it has three separate outlets. If you make the

three outlets you pour water, then the basin is filled with water, or you pour juice, milk, or others.

Likewise, you pour into the heart through the three estuaries, namely the ear, the eye, and the tongue, for you

are the one who fills it, whether with sins or remembrance and light.

You have to learn the Tajweed well because Tajweed has a great role in the Noble Quran app online, as it proves memorization.

You have to recite the Quran app online with the minimum number of letter exits, such as singing, gagging, and others, which gives a beautiful melody when you recite the Quran using intonation.


Quran app online

1- This helps stabilize memorization Quran, as the brain relaxes rhythm and tone.

2- The most important aspect is linking each part of the surah that you memorization, for example linking

the verses with their respective meanings Quran easy.

3- Connecting the verse to an image in your mind, like the verse in Surat Al-Baqarah (they put their fingers in their ears).

4- Quran easy So you can imagine the infidels putting their fingers in their ears when they hear the Quran app online.

5- There are a lot of verses that you can visualize in your mind, but the imagination has to be in place app Quran learns easily.


The best way to memorize the Quran

  • You have to repeat the verses that you memorize often in order to protect the part that you memorization from slipping away or being forgotten Quran learns easily.
  • There is a repetition that is kept secretly on the heart, Quran and there is a high vocal frequency and it is on
  • a daily basis at least five times a day.
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Steps Quran easy

steps Quran easy looking teachers used literally research results supported educational. Quran In the past, the Sheikh asked his students to repeat the verses fifty or eighty times a day, Quran easy so the Quran would never escape from them You have to commit to daily memorization and stay away from intermittent memorization because the brain stops for a while, Quran easy so when you start again you find it difficult. You may become frustrated and despair and turn away from memorizing the Quran, Quran easy and you have to memorization quietly and slowly and focus on the verses that your memorization. It is imperative to focus on similar verses in the Quran to prevent confusion and memorization and repeat them often so that they do not escape from you.