Hadith about parents is avery important topic because the most important of all rights of mouslim is the right of parents. Obedience to parents comes after obedience to Allah and His Messenger. Because our mothers and fathers are our reason for existence and our dignity.

It is the monuments of exceptional virtue that construct our material and spiritual life. A mother’s heart and lap is a magnificent classroom where children are educated. Family home is the first educational institution that shapes the future of the child. Therefore, the rights of mothers and fathers over their children are too numerous to count.

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Is there a measure that can determine the limits of that vast compassion accumulated in a mother’s soul? Is it possible to pay the rights of the mothers and fathers who have mobilized their whole existence so that no dust is put on us in the storms of life?

Verses regarding the right of parents in the QUR’AN

Sons are obliged to respect, obey and necessary services towards their parents. If they live in different places or in various cities, they should visit their parents and take their hearts and ask for their prayers. Serving them, saying nice words and treating them, especially when they get old, is the biggest duty of loyalty to sons. Our Almighty Lord did not allow even the slightest indifference towards them.

Islam, as a religion of peace and harmony, orders respect for parents who make a lot of effort to take care of their children; and, at the same time, it demands showing kindness and obedience to them. Furthermore, Islam places parents in a higher position than in any other religion, since serving parents is a religious duty closely linked to the worship of Allah. In other words, having mercy on parents is a parental right and, therefore, a children’s duty. Allah Almighty orders to behave well and nicely to parents after their own rights by mentioning them as follows:

“Your Lord has commanded you to worship only Him and to do good to your parents. If either or both of them grow old while you are with you, do not even say “anger” against them, do not reprimand them. Always say sweet words to both of them. Mercy and humility to them stretch their wings and; “My God! Show mercy to them as they raised me (mercifully) when I was little! also!” (al-Isra, 23-24).

Hadith about parents

Hadith about parents : Allah Almighty bound his consent to the consent of the parents. The Messenger of Allah informs about this fact as follows:

“Allah’s consent is gained by pleasing the mother and father. The wrath of Allah is also cited by angering the mother and father. ” (Tirmidhi, Birr, 3/1899).

Parents have so many rights over their offspring that it is difficult or even impossible to pay for them. In the hadith, attention is drawn to this with the following analogy:

“No son can pay his father’s rights. If he finds him as a slave and buys him and saves him, he will (only then) pay the right to fatherhood. ” (Muslim, Itk, 25; Abu Dawud, Adab, 119-120; Tirmidhi, Birr, 8/1906).

Serving parents is a very virtuous deed of righteousness. Those who cannot take this opportunity are in a great loss. The Prophet stated the following in terms of an important warning and warning:

“Anyone who cannot reach his parents or just one of them in his old age and enter Paradise in his old age will be devastated, be miserable, be devastated!” (Muslim, Birr, 9, 10).

Hadith about mother

The saliha mother is a lap of mercy bestowed upon human beings by divine power, the source of happiness in the family, the light of peace and well-being, the fountain of compassion of the family members. It is an exceptional and diverse manifestation of our Lord, the words “ar-Rahman” and “ar-Rahim” in the world.

No other entity has been created that can share the love and respect shown to our mothers who carried us first in their womb for a while, then in their arms and in their hearts. Mothers who take home arrangement and upbringing on their shoulders deserve a deep conversation, deep respect and a lifetime of thanks.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said the following for a mother who is adorned with qualities that can fulfill these important duties properly:

“Paradise is under the feet of mothers.” (Nasai, Cihad, 6; Ahmed, III, 429).

On the other hand, showing mercy towards parents is a reason to mitigate the penalties. Also, having compassion for parents is a reason for increased livelihood, longevity, and entry into paradise. In this regard, Anas Ibnu Malik said: “I heard the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, say:” Whoever wishes to expand his livelihood and age should maintain good relations with his relatives and relatives. “At last, the Islam has confirmed to us that mistreatment and disobedience to parents anticipates punishment in this world. In this regard, Anas ibn Malik narrated that the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, said: “There are two doors that they advance the punishment in this world: Indecency and disobedience to parents “.

Supplication for parents

 If we are talking Hadith about parents we cant forget the prayer of the parents is accepted. Efforts should be made to receive their blessings and their curse should be avoided. The Messenger of Allah stated the following:

“There are three prayers when there is no doubt when it is accepted:

Father’s prayer to his child; the guest’s prayer; the prayer of the oppressed. ” (Abu Dawud, Vitr 29/1536; Tirmidhi, Birr 7/1905, Dawat 47; Ibn-i Mace, Dua 11).

Of course, it is unthinkable for a person who does not respect the rights of the parents who have done countless favors to him, to observe the rights of other people. Therefore, it is certain that those who cannot be a good son to their parents have a great moral weakness.

Jihad, fî sebilillah, it is not only to swing a sword in the way of Allah, it is also jihad to take care of the parents or children. It is also jihad to work in order not to need hands. (Daylami)

One day, a person came to the presence of the Prophet (pbuh) and said:

  • Ya Rasulallah! If you let me, I want to go to gas and jihad with you
  • Do you have parents? …
  • Yes there is
  • So do not leave him because Paradise is under his feet. ”(Muslim)