How to talk to allah Humans are creatures created with the ability to know God. Belief in Allah and deeds done for Allah’s approval mean being aware of this fact. It is a right granted to every human being to meet with the owner of the universe for the life he has and the blessings given to him. Muslims use this right every day with five daily prayers and supplications. A person appears before Allah through daily prayers and presents his servitude to his Lord.

How to talk to allah?

The 16th Verse of Surah Qaf is as follows:

“We created the human. Therefore, We know very well what his soul whispers and instills to him. Because We are closer to him than his jugular vein.”

We do not know of a verse in the Quran that directly explains and states that God speaks to His servants. However, because every believer who reads and listens to the Quran has spoken to and listened to the word of Allah, it means that he spoke to him and listened to him. In this sense, it can be said that Allah speaks to every believer who reads the Quran.

The Quran is a compassionate and compassionate book that takes us to heaven and protects us from hell. It is a unique beauty that our Almighty Allah, whose essence we can never comprehend, but who must find the manifestations of names and attributes in the universe, accepts us as our addressee and sends a letter. While reading the Quran, a person comes to a point that it is like talking to God Almighty.

Since the verses belong to him personally, every word that comes out of his mouth is a means of reviving his orders, good news and prohibitions. The beautiful spirits and angels created in response to each word recite that beautiful word until Doomsday, as the hadith expresses, and rewards are constantly written for its owner.

How God speak to us

God spoke to His servants by sent books to them . He also sent prophets to explain his life and to set an example with his life. He made some promises and warnings, so that mankind could pass the test successfully.

On the other hand, Allah Almighty has pre-eternal and eternal speech. As he sent revelations to his prophets, he spoke to his creatures through inspiration, informed them about every need of his creatures through inspiration and helped them. He inspires the information he wishes to the hearts of his servants and inspires the truth.

Talking to God, as many people think, is not an internal conversation that happens in our dreams. God’s spirit is revealed in the whole universe; Therefore, all activity in the universe is meaningful and it is a general address and speech of Allah from the speaker of the universe.

In addition to God’s speech in such a comprehensive and large scale, there is another speech that addresses us individually and privately; God speaks to each of us in the language of daily events. Every human, animal, event, situation, trouble, joy etc.  it is kind of talking to us. they are all messages that show us.

How can Muslims communicate with Allah?

Man is in communication with his environment throughout his life. The communication that starts with her parents. From the moment, he starts to notice her surroundings develops further as she grows. He lives in constant communication with his family at home, with school, and with the congregation at the mosque.

The communication need of man is related to the need to live. Because, thanks to its communication power, it can inform other people about its needs or understand the needs of others, and thus it can survive. Communication skill is a great blessing that Almighty Allah (c.c.) has given people.

Human communication does not only cover the social environment. Human beings have the ability to communicate with their creator as a feature different from other living things. It performs this communication through prayer and worship.

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How to talk to Allah throw Dua

Prayer or Dua, which means praying to Allah (c.c.). It is  asking for His grace by presenting his wishes and needs, forms the basis of Muslim’s communication with Allah (c.c.). In the Quran, “Say” If you do not have a prayer, why should my Lord value you” (Furkân suresi, 77. ayet.) As it can be understood from this verse, the first demand of Almighty Allah (c.c.) from a believer is to be in constant communication with him. As a Muslim keeps this communication alive through prayer, it gains value in the sight of his Lord.

Prayer is not just for asking for help in times of trouble. Because Allah (c.c.) criticizes the people who use prayer only to ask for help in the following verse:  “When waves like mountains surround them, they beg Allah with sincere belief. But when Allah rescues them and takes them ashore, some of them keep his word… ”(Surah Lokman, verse 32.).

How to talk to Allah throw Worship

In the religion of Islam, worship has two meanings as general and specific. Worship in general means that the Muslim strives to behave in accordance with his consent as a result of the respect and love he feels towards Allah (c.c.).Therefore, every act performed in accordance with His orders and prohibitions in order to gain the pleasure of Allah (c.c.) is  worship.

Accordingly, it acts such as helping the poor for the sake of Allah (c.c.), being clean and patient, and making charity and donations are also acts of worship. Worship is the communication of a servant with Allah (c.c.). The servant obeys his God by worshiping and becomes close. Thus, he shows his respect and obedience to Him. This is a good example of the communication between Allah (c.c.) and the servant. The deepest communication of the servant with his God is the moments he spent in worship. In this regard, our Prophet (pbuh) drew attention to this issue by saying, “The moment when the servant is closest to his God is the moment when he prostrates …” (Muslim, Salat, 215.).