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About the Course

Get certified with an Ijazah course

Prophets are born once in a thousand years. But spreading Allah’s Word the way He imparted and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) preached is within the bounds of your will. By pursuing this online Ijazah course, you can acquire the wisdom and certification to disseminate Quranic knowledge.

The Ijazah is a credential recognized globally. It proves you have been through a comprehensive study and approved by religious authorities as having achieved credible knowledge in Quran memorization or recitation.

Taking the Ijazah course online opens doors to many personal and professional development opportunities. It provides an immeasurable gain for Muslims and non-Muslims, helping you understand and appreciate Islam. But above all, the credential gives you the right to pass Allah’s commands to your students and people seeking spiritual awakening.

Studying with qualified Quran teachers with Ijazah

All Al-Quran World teachers have been carefully selected to ensure every student can learn from an Ijazah holder. Under their guidance, you can delve into His Text and understand the subject from various angles. We combine advanced techniques with traditional practice to ensure that you get proficient in the selected study and that your knowledge, skills, and comprehension of the Holy Book are excellent.

Types of Quran Ijazah online studies

Upon progressing during the course, our students gain a profound understanding of the Arabic alphabet and grammar and acquire skills in fluent reading. This makes them eligible to further sharpen their skills and knowledge and gives confidence in their commitment to learning the Scripture.

The curriculum of our Quran Ijazah course covers major aspects of Islam related to Ijazah in memorization or recitation:

    • The fundamentals of reciting and grasping ideas of the Holy Book
    • Tajweed rules
    • Memorization/Hifz

Because of your level and learning abilities, the tutor identifies realms that need attention – grammar, Tajweed peculiarities, or memorizing the verses – and tailors the program of your online Ijazah classes to help you excel in them and move forward. The teacher will also provide supportive feedback throughout your Ijazah journey to ensure you progress as expected.

The Quran Hifz course allows you to stick to your schedule and have classes without time constraints or location limitations. This flexibility makes it easier for you to technically manage your time and balance between your other studies, job, and daily engagements.

We also provide ongoing support for would-be Ijazah holders. If you think your classes are too generic or need more time to acquire a specific skill, your lessons can be customized on the go.

How to begin your Ijazah course

It starts with a trial lesson. This step helps us understand where you are on your journey and how Al-Quran World can guide you to getting a Certificate of Recognition. Once your first lesson ends, your teacher customizes the curriculum to meet your level and begins to work with you one-on-one.

Start your first lesson in Ijazah Quran online today. Join a web-based classroom to refine your skills to make your dream of spreading God’s wisdom a reality.