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holding a license degree in arts English translation. holding Ijaza in AltareekaAlnourania (Arabic Reading using Quranic words). 2 years of offline working. 6 years of online working.


Holding Ijaza by Hafs an Asem. High knowledge about the Arabic teaching method “Nour Albaian”. certifications in communication and presentation skills and how to deal with children.


holding a bachelor degree in education. Nooraniah course. tajweed course. nour albayan course. teaching qur’an, tajweed rules and Islamic 2-3 years online experience.


graduated from faculty of pharmacy2008. Afsah Albayan institute june2008. Azharmuslimacademy August 2020. holding Igaza of Osool Hafs aan Asim. memorizing about half of The Noble Quran.


holds a BA in Islamic and Arabic Studies, Department of Fundamentals of Religion, Al-Azhar University, with a very good grade. holds degrees from several institutes in Islamic sciences and teaching Arabs and non-Arabs. experience in teaching the Qur’an with the rules of tajweed through the books of Noor al-Bayan and others.