What does actually “Quran reading” means? Quran reading is the act of knowing Allah through his words, learning his holy attributes and names and sensing their greatness.

The way to study Islam, and the core of Islamic Pillars. we recite it in each pray, through it, we learn the rulings of fasting, zakat and pilgrimage to the honorable house of God, and we always pray to God with His revelations in times of distress.

How should we read Quran?

Reading the Holy Quran has its own conditions and decency that must be adhered to and taught to children.


Cleanliness and purity are a must if you want to read from the Mus-haf.

  2-the correct pronunciation

Reading according to the rules of intonation is one of the most important reasons that help to become submissive in reading. So, children must be taught the correct pronunciation of words at a young age.

Receiving the Qiblah while reading is a sign of respecting and glorifying the Qur’an, but it is not a necessity. In addition, you can read the Quran while you are sitting or lying on the bed.

4-Your intentions should be clear!!

An important thing while a child reading Quran is that he has to devote his reading to Allah and only seeking for his reward and bless.

Women don’t have different rules

Girls reading Quran should commit to the same things like ablution and purity and they do not have to wear the hijab while reading. However, some women do so because it is a sign of respect and Honor for Allah.

Reading Quran online 

If you are outside and do not have your Qur’an with you, or in a place where you cannot perform ablution. You can easily read the Qur’an online, and there are many applications that provide the it with various readings and interpretations. Some of which you can use without an Internet connection.

One of the most popular Quran applications with translation is the “Quran English” app.


It is an application that enables you to read and hear the Holy Quran with translation and interpretation of each word with the possibility of placing bookmarks on verses to go to the last one you read later.

It also has a prayer schedule and a “Qibla director”.

Online Quran on social media 

verses OF Quran, meanings and videos is a big part of Muslim posts on

social media, people enjoy passing videos of a beautiful voice of a child

recites the Quran, verses with the sound of their favourite reader or sharing

a new meaning for an “Aya” they learnt it.

Quran reading on Tumblr 

IT isn’t only everywhere on famous social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For instance, people on Tumblr- a social blogging platform- posts

designed images and audio files for melodious sounds recite Quran on their


They also upload quotes from the Quran with translation in different

languages and illustrations for certain verses in very elegant drawings that

makes Quran hashtags went viral on it.