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About the Course

The beginner Quran Recitation course you shouldn’t miss

From faith and worship to personal and social relationships, the Quran is packed with invaluable guidance. It is serried in 114 surahs, with each chapter broken into sagacious ayahs. This is how Allah talks to you, a kid or an adult. But when you learn Quran recitation, it makes you feel His love more deeply. Your faith grows stronger and increases your bond, bringing more divine meaning into your life as the accurate perception of the holy words gives peace of mind and inner strength.

How online Quran recitation makes you grow

If Arabic is not your or your kid’s native language, our beginner course will introduce you to the alphabet, melodious phonetics, and vocabulary basics. After learning letters, you’ll figure out that reading verses makes reciting different parts of the Quran painless – much more manageable than cramming them all in one go. Having these passages ingrained in memory comes in handy if you seek guidance or comfort during difficult times.

Commitment and dedication to Quran recitation online enhance your self-discipline, as practicing requires determination, perseverance, and self-control to become proficient. These are crucial virtues, allowing you to develop greater self-awareness and confidence.

Get the knack of Quran online recitation

Listening to experienced reciters is the best way to improve your Quran reading skills. The input from our teachers shows you the practical way to pronounce phrases correctly and learn how to emphasize key words. Additionally, listening and observing the subtle changes in your tutor’s voice patterns contributes to enhancing your own technique.

Al-Quran World has created the Quran Recitation online program with busy schedules in mind, allowing you to learn when it fits your routine. Mastering pronunciation and reading surahs may be an uphill task – especially for children. You can schedule fewer lessons when you feel you can’t handle it this week or more lessons if excellent recitation skills are your innate ability.

This course is: 

    • Well-structured for a balanced learning workload
    • Suitable for kids and grown-ups
    • Packed with plenty of practice and systematic feedback from tutors
    • Immersive with a glance at the historical context

The convenience of reciting from home and accessing your course from any device is maximized at Al-Quran World. Start your online recitation of the Quran slowly, rely on your tutor, and gradually progress. Soon, you will feel you can recite each Quran passage without anyone’s help while making the most of intonation, rhythm, and cadence. 

Start reciting

Ready to perfect your recitation of the Quran online? Enroll in the course and gain practical and sacred experiences you have never had before.

Regardless of your current Arabic level, recitation skills, and Quranic knowledge, a free trial class can be booked before committing. Hit the “Request Free Trial” button to start your journey with a beginner-friendly lesson at no cost.

All learning experiences take place in a secure environment with a tutor of your choice during one-to-one live sessions. Upon completion of the course, you are awarded a certificate.