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About the Course

The online Tajweed course to master the art of pronunciation

Are you ready to touch the Eternal and find divine providence the way the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) saw and preached it? You are welcome to follow a guided path to insights and discover His wisdom that will alter your life for good. Our online Tajweed classes help you understand and appreciate the language used in the Quran and refine your recitation to fill it with rhythm and rhyme.

As you progress, you’ll unlock the power of the Holy Book and recitation excellence, which will subsequently lead you through life. Tajweed eliminates guesswork and strengthens your ability to be on the same page with Allah.

Tajweed classes that empower your Quran reading skills

For starters, Tajweed rules and canons are formulated to help Muslims correctly pronounce each letter in a word using the proper “makhraj” (point of articulation) and “sifaat” (articulation peculiarity). Mastering both bolsters your comprehension of the sound and structure of Quranic verses and their meaning.

Undoubtedly, learning Tajweed allows for a more accurate memorization of the Quran. But technicality aside – it is so much more:

    • Respect for Allah’s Word: Tajweed teaches us to read, pronounce, and revere each holy word as it was given by God without any alteration or distortion.
    • Spiritual growthLearning the Quran online with Tajweed enables us to connect with Allah’s message from a spiritual point of view.
    • The expansion of knowledge: Memorizing Arabic words becomes easier as you understand how they combine into sentences and language vocabulary.

Our Tajweed online course offers an in-depth understanding of Quranic Tajweed and practical techniques to develop the skills needed to read confidently. We focus on theory and Qiraʼat (hands-on recitation), enabling you to study with an otherworldly connection to Allah.

The basics made simple

In addition to web-based classes, a personalized learning curriculum is available for every student who signs up for our Tajweed course online. It is tailored to your understanding of Tajweed and builds each new lesson upon the previous one. This method helps you fully draw on your articulation, timing, and accentuation knowledge and unleash learning potential faster than traditional classroom-based courses.

When taking our Quran Tajweed classes, you will master the art of pronunciation with:

    • Professional guidance: The course is taught by certified tutors specializing in Tajweed techniques with years of teaching experience for adults and kids.
    • Detailed lessons: Our female and male tutors explain all the pronunciation principles methodically so you know how to read and recite the Book.
    • Walkthrough approach: The traditional way of teaching Tajweed is long and tedious, but our online classes break it down into simple sessions for more accessible learning.

Whether you are a beginner seeking to pick up the basics or an advanced student doing their best to refine skills and master nuances, join the world of pronunciation excellence and revelation. Your first lesson is free. At the end of the day, you get a certificate that confirms you’ve taken online Quran Tajweed classes at Al-Quran World.