Notes to the parent or subscribers:

1- The fees are paid in advance, one week before the start.

2- The subscription is renewed monthly before the last session, and more than one month can be allowed in one payment.

3- The trial session is unpaid and the decision is taken after that (up to 3 trials for free).

4- The subscriber or guardian is to refund of all fees and the amount paid in full before the start.

5- The subscriber is not entitled to get back any expenses or fees after the start of the first session.

6- The subscriber has the right to change the teacher if he wishes to do so with the reasons given in a letter to the supervisor, but after the end of the month.

7- The subscriber is not entitled to add any other subscribers in the educational session except with the knowledge of the administration.

8- It is prohibited for the subscriber to give or take any phone numbers or means of communication with the teacher.

9- All books or educational materials are sent through the administration with best wishes to all Greetings of the Department of AlQuran World.

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