Religious tourism is a different kind of tourism that started to grow rapidly these days. Some people called it spiritual trips and faith tourism. Although it is not a new type of traveling, it just wasn’t as popular as nowadays. This type of tourism aims to enhance your religious beliefs because you visit places concern with Islam. That’s why religious tourism considered an important type; you can connect the Muslim community directly. Most people were traveling for pilgrimage only, but now it may include visiting new Islamic places and values. Mosques and Islamic museums all over the Islamic world are available all the time for tourists and visitors to boost their religious culture.

If you are a new Muslim, this kind of tourism will be very helpful for you. Islamic countries have a lifestyle that differs from that of the non-Islamic ones. Starting from the regular Azan at the five prayers times daily, to the opened mosques everywhere. The Holy Quran ayat can be listened to in homes, shops, transport, and even while walking in the street. No doubt, you will learn a lot during your religious trip and you may get new friends that can help you either in studying the language or the religion.

Types of religious tourism

  1. Pilgrimage:

People who do this kind of religious tourism, are going directly to saturate their love for the Holy Kaaba. They travel to the grand mosque in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) to worship Allah. They search for joy in the spiritual mood in the house of Allah. This trip is somehow like cleaning the heart completely; you return back to your country as a newborn baby.

Pilgrimage is seasonal; it is related to a certain time in the year just before the Adha feast. But if you miss that comfortable holy place, you can go whenever you want to do Umrah. The trip of hajj or umrah needs special arrangements. You should have the guide to do all steps (rituals) correctly, plus the clothes and the hotel. Everything in the trip must be halal even your manner; should be perfect.

  1. Sightseeing:

The second purpose of religious tourism is to increase your faith. This will only be achieved by the direct connection with the Muslim community, especially in Islamic countries. There you can see a whole and complete vision of the everyday Muslim’s life. You can find the answers to all your questions. Also, this type of religious tourism is obtainable over the year; not seasonal like hajj.

In addition to the spiritual atmosphere, you can learn a lot during this trip. You can study the religious sciences easier in Islamic countries. If you think about learning Arabic, it will be very useful to spend some time in an Arabic country. Learning the Holy Quran either in the mosques or with our qualified teachers at alquranworld.also will be more joyful.  Those experienced tutors also can teach you other Islamic religious sciences such as the Holy Quran memorization and the Tajweed rules

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