Six pillars of iman, for a person to be a Muslim, must believe in the six pillars of faith that Islam knows.

Faith in God

From the pillars of iman – belief in God – the Almighty – means: believing in the existence of God, his monotheism, and that – His Sublime – alone is worthy of worship, and believing in all the attributes of perfection and majesty that God Almighty has established for himself, and complete submission and complete submission to all that God has commanded of Him. The ruling, and avoiding all that is forbidden, with a reassuring heart of his faith.

Belief in God includes believing in the heart in the Lordship of God, His oneness, and singling out – His Sublime – divinity, pillars iman and believing in His Most High Names and Attributes.

The importance pillars iman of faith in God – the Almighty – is evident in that it is the most important asset of the religion.

The focus of the messengers ’call was the call to belief in God Almighty alone and forsaking the worship of other idols and equals, pillars iman and the Holy Quran included many verses and suras that talk about the names and attributes of God. , Including: Ayat al-Kursi and Surat al-Ikhlas.

Belief in angels

From the 6 pillars of faith, God created the angels out of light and made them gentle beings who could be formed and appear in many forms, and they were not in need of eating and drinking like human beings, and they were creatures devoted to obeying God and carrying out His commands, pillars iman so they never disobey Him.

Among the deeds and tasks entrusted to the angels are: recording and preserving the deeds of human beings, and revering the holders of the throne to God Almighty with praise and praise, as they seek forgiveness for human beings who repent from their sins and pray to God for them to enter Heaven, and be freed from the fire, pillars iman six and among their delusions is that they are intermediaries between God Almighty. And the prophets.

Where they descend by revelation from heaven, pillars iman six as they carry out the command of God, and plan what they were commanded to administer and remove souls from the bodies by an order of God.

Pillars of iman

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Faith in the divine books

Holy books; They are the word of God, and His revelation that He revealed to His prophets and messengers – upon them – peace be upon them, pillars iman six belief faith Islam of Allah.

Belief in the heavenly books includes the certainty that they are truly attributed to God Almighty, and the approval of all divine books is a special approval of what God mentioned and called of those books.

Such as the Quran that was revealed to Muhammad – upon him be blessings and peace -, the Gospel that was revealed to Jesus – upon him be peace-, and the Zabur that was revealed to David – upon him be peace-, pillars iman six belief faith Islam of Allah with what this entails of believing in all the news that came in those books, except what is proven to be distorted And submission of all the laws and rulings it contained and implementing them.

With the belief that the Noble Quran is the last and final of those divine books, pillars iman six Islam of Allah and it is the book that copied previous books and dominated them.


Belief in the messengers and prophets

From the six pillars of Islam, faith in the messengers and prophets sent by God; pillars iman six is one of the pillars of religion, and it is intended: to believe in all the news that they brought about God Almighty and to believe in the miracles that God performed on their hands.

In support of them, and an indication of the sincerity of their communication about God, and that they have fully communicated the message of their Lord while preserving their rights over the servants; Including the obligation to respect them, and not to differentiate between them.

Among the attributes of the prophets and messengers – the teachings of prayer and peace – are mentioned:

  • Masculinity: God decreed and wanted his prophets and messengers to be male, so he did not send women or angels, and God has great wisdom in that.

Because the mission of mission and prophecy requires certain qualities; pillars iman six belief faith of Allah Including believe Islamic Muslim pillar the ability to endure hardship, travel, and struggle against enemies, and that is what women by nature cannot.

  • Truthfulness: The prophets and messengers of God are characterized by the sincerity that is evidenced by their communication of the message of their Lord as they were commanded, without contradiction or disobedience, pillars iman six belief faith Islam of Allah so they report everything about their Lord, and do not conceal anything from God.

Wisdom and the strength of the argument against the offenders: the prophets and messengers were an example in the strength of their argument in front of the opponents pillars iman six belief faith Islam of Allah.

  • For example: Abraham – upon him be peace – when he broke the idols of the people and established the argument on the invalidity of his people’s belief in their worship of them, as Ibrahim – peace be upon him – referred to the great idols Proposing that he was the one who destroyed the idols, pillars iman six belief faith Islam of Allah so the people returned to themselves to realize the invalidity of their belief and the emergence of truth over their falsehood.


Faith in the Last Day

Belief in the Last Day; It is one of the most important pillars of the religion in which the destiny of creatures is determined, pillars iman six belief faith Islam of Allah and believing in it means believing in everything that God Almighty brought and that His Prophet – may blessings and peace be upon him – brought about from unseen news related to that day, including:

The signs of the Hour indicate the imminent occurrence of the Day of Resurrection, the period after death and the resurrection of creatures, pillars iman six belief faith Islam of Allah their march to the land of the crowd, and their standing for display and judgment.

Islam Iman means

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Islam Iman means faith

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