• holding a license degree in arts English translation.
  • holding Ijaza in AltareekaAlnourania (Arabic Reading using Quranic words).
  • 2 years of offline working.
  • 6 years of online working.

Shaimaa Gohar

  • Holding Ijaza by Hafs an Asem.
  • High knowledge about the Arabic teaching method “Nour Albaian”.
  • certifications in communication and presentation skills and how to deal with children.
  • three yeas experience in teaching Quraan and tajweed.
  • teaching students from all over the world, America, Europe, south Africa, east asia and the middle east.
  • working as a project mangement and a PR leader.
  • finishing learningQuran and tarweedat the age of ten years old.

Amira Shabaan

  • holding a bachelor degree in education.
  • Nooraniah course.
  • tajweed course.
  • nour albayan course.
  • ICDL.
  • teaching qur’an, tajweed rules and Islamic 2-3 years online experience.
  • working before with many institutes.
  • teaching students from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Pakistan.

Heba Ghallab.

  • graduated from faculty of pharmacy2008.
  • Afsah Albayan institute june2008.
  • Azharmuslimacademy August 2020.
  • holding Igaza of Osool Hafs aan Asim.
  • memorizing about half of The Noble Quran.

Nour Tamer

  • holds a BA in Islamic and Arabic Studies, Department of Fundamentals of Religion, Al-Azhar University, with a very good grade.
  • holds degrees from several institutes in Islamic sciences and teaching Arabs and non-Arabs.
  • experience in teaching the Qur’an with the rules of tajweed through the books of Noor al-Bayan and others.