The importance of learning the Qur’an Our sublime religion, Islam, attached great importance to reading, writing and learning science. It kept open all legitimate ways that would lead people to the right knowledge. It did not place any time, place or age limit in order to learn science. Men and women ordered everyone to learn science from cradle to grave. Thanks to these principles, the Islamic civilization has become a civilization of science and knowledge for centuries.

It is very important to read and teach our book, the Quran. The Quran is our book of life. Allah sent it down for us to read, learn, teach, and show us the way of happiness in the world and the hereafter.

the purpose of reading and teaching the Quran is  to obey Allah’s orders and to avoid its prohibitions, to reflect on it and to know that we will be reckoned in the hereafter. We should make a great effort to learn and teach. We should practice and live the Quran in our lives duly, as our beloved Prophet (saas) did, and we should teach people, especially our children and youth, by making them love it.

The importance of learning the Qur’an

The Quran is the immutable law of Muslims. Their words are also read as a prayer and reward is earned with it. Thanks to these words, the meaning of the Quran is understood, it affects the souls and the approval of Allah is gained with it.

The Quran is unlike any other book. Nobody can change its meaning, no other word can  substitut for its word, and no translation can take the provision of the Quran. The Quran is a miracle that will remain forever. There is no end to its literary subtleties, beautiful expression and meanings.

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The Quran al-Karîm is much more than a book. In itself, it is quite a path. To sit down to recite it is to take steps in the direction that it marks. To immerse oneself in the recitation of the Qur’an is to accompany him on a return journey, it is to make him a guide to Allah, to the One who is in the depths of everything that exists. That is why this simple act is of paramount importance for Muslims.

It is a practice that must be daily so that the insistence exerts its beneficial effects on the spirit. Every time the lips speak some words of the Noble Qur’an, its magical resonance shakes the reader inside and awakens some of the most dormant capacities in him. It awakens in him, fundamentally, his need for Allah, his need to be filled by the infinite and the eternal.

The best site for memorizing Quran

The importance of learning the Qur’an in Memorizing the Quran requires a physical, mental and spiritual journey to establish a better relationship between an individual and God, as well as between an individual and his community. There is no required age or education level for a Quran memorization program. Rather, it should be done by those who want to deepen their beliefs and reap benefits in this world and the next.

Our online Quran memorization course in Qur’an world  focuses on completing the memorization of the Book of Allah with high accuracy and precision as soon as possible with instructors carrying one or more Ijazah. The expertise of our instructors makes it easier for both children and adults to memorize the Quran than try it out alone or with unqualified instructors. Each instructor holds a degree in Islamic history and religious studies, so it not only provides a richer understanding through Quran memorization online, but also helps to apply its principles to everyday life.

Levels of memorizing the Quran

The program  divide into three levels – A, B and C – for each of them. For starters, the program focuses on memorizing through listening. As the students’ progress, Reading the Quran shift the emphasis to memorization. Ultimately, the students memorize the Quran in line with the narrations reported by our Prophet Muhammad.

Preparation of memorizing the Quran

The importance of learning the Qur’an and Memorizing the Quran requires students to adopt a sincere and diligent attitude. Online Qur’an memorization lessons can make memorizing each sura easier and more efficient. But this effort still requires focus, discipline, and a serious willingness to do the necessary work. We recommend that every student consider how to memorize the Quran verse and make a long-term program. This program  can take months or even years for a complete and comprehensive memorization.

Moreover, the shortcomings of human memory mean that much study and consolidation will be required. With these challenges, we can help with many solutions. Qura’n world  has the tools students need to succeed. We offer experienced instructors who understand how to best proceed. Qura’n world instructors have educational backgrounds to apply the lessons and principles of the Quran. It giving a valuable context that helps memorization and allows any Muslim to see the value of their work.

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