The Arabic language is the Quran language that’s why it is important to talk a lot about it. Arabic is one of the five top spoken languages in the world. It is not a very easy language for most English speakers. The alphabet of the Arabic language is not Latin. It contains twenty-eight script letters, however, there are many varieties of the language depending on the region and the country. This amazing language has sounds that don’t exist in other languages. Learning Arabic is a challenging mission because it considers a rich language with dozens of meanings and synonyms.

Why is the Arabic language important?

The importance of the Arabic language came originally from being the Islam and Quranic language. Although it is the fifth most common language in the world, its value increased because it is the Quran language. Allah chose Arabic for us and this is not a coincidence. Arabic is a very spiritual language whose words and expressions have a magical effect on the ears.

Surah Yusuf: “Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’ān that you might understand (2)”

There are five reasons that can encourage you to start:

  • Understand the Holy Quran:

The Holy Book is written in this language because it is very wealthy in meanings. You can find translations for the entire Quran but believe me, it is not the same. When you learn the language of the message, you can feel it and understand it with your heart.

  • Learn more from the Prophet (PBUH)’s sayings (hadith)

Our beloved prophet has explained a lot about Islam in his sayings. Also, he put various rules and said dozens of shreds of advice for how to win al-Jannah. It is very essential to follow his sunnah through understanding and keeping his hadith.

  • Increase al-khushu (reverence) in the prayer

Do you know that if you listened to the Holy Quran from a qualified Sheikh in Arabic, you may cry from the awesomeness of it? Your reverence or khushu in your salah will duplicate if you understand Arabic.

  • Reach easily most of the books written in Islam science

Of course, there are many books about Islam, and every day the number of the translated one’s increases. But most books especially the old original books are still in Arabic.

  • Easy Hajj and Ummrah

When you learn Arabic, it will be a very easy and enjoyable journey. You will be able to understand people in Mecca and Madinah either the country people or pilgrims.

Is Islam an Arab religion?

Surah Al-Ma’idah: “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islām as religion. But whoever is forced by severe hunger with no inclination to sin – then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful (3)”

It is true that the prophet Muhammed was an Arab, but that doesn’t mean that Islam is just for Arabs. Actually, nowadays there is only about 18 percent of Muslims in the world are Arabs. Islam is very fast growing in many and many countries such as India, Indonesia, and parts of Africa.  Further, Arabs have different religions; not all of them are Muslims.

Surah Al-Anbya: “And We have not sent you, [O Muḥammad], except as a mercy to the worlds (107)”

In this ayah (verse) Allah said that Islam is for all the world not only Arab. In Islamic history we have strong evidence; the prophet used to send qualified messengers from the companions to teach people in other countries how to be Muslims. They all made their efforts to spread the religion worldwide.

Is it better to read Quran in Arabic or English?

Surah Fussilat: “A Book whose verses have been detailed, an Arabic Qur’ān for a people who know (3)”

Islamic scientists and scholars agreed that it is not allowed to read the Holy Quran in any language other than Arabic. You can read its translation in your original language just to understand the meanings. The recitation of the Quran needs the right pronunciation of the words and letters beside the sounds and the readings laws (tajweed).

Can you pray in English Islam?

In prayer, we have some acts that must be said in the Arabic language and it is forbidden to say them in any other language. Those are recitation of the Quran, Takbeer al-Ihram (first Takbeer), and other integral parts of the prayers.  Quran is miraculous in its Arabic terms but when translated the meaning is conveyed but the miraculous nature disappears.

Surah An-Nisa: “But when you become secure, re-establish [regular] prayer. Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times (103)”

There are other non-obligatory words you can say in your own language and no problem with this. I mean the dua and supplications; those you can translate them and say. Scholars differ about other sayings such as azkar, al-tashahhud, invoking blessing on Prophet (PBUH), glorifying Allah in Ruku’ and Sujud if one is not able to say in Arabic he may say them in another language.

Imam Al-Shafi said: “It is incumbent upon every Muslim to learn of the Arabic language what will enable him/her to perform his/her obligation.”

However, we advise you not to use any other language during your prayer since it is better and safest.  After completing your prayer you may turn towards Allah the Almighty and can make as much supplication as you wish in your language. Surely, Allah will respond to your supplications.

The Arabic language course:

If you need help in learning the Arabic language, you can ask about the details of the online course Arabic Language Course. In this course, we teach you (AL-Tareeka AL-Nourania) the Arabic reading using Quranic words. We teach you the Arabic alphabets, the heavy and the light sounds in Arabic which is the real difference between the Arabic native and the non-Arabic speaker. The linking and stretching rules, the stressing and tajweed rules and we have a lot of examples in this book from the noble Quran in order to make you able to read Arabic efficiently

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