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About the Course

The online Islamic Studies course to understand the tenets of Islam

Everyone is encouraged to embrace the sacred knowledge of Islamic studies and have a love of Allah permeated into their hearts and minds. To learn the history of Islam, the Holy Quran, Tafseer, and Hadith, as well as cement the articles of faith, our Islamic Studies course marks the beginning of your religious journey.

This course is a multi-level online program for Muslims and non-Muslims around the globe. Studying Islamic essentials online is the best choice for those living in a rapid pace of modernity. All righteous individuals, who were previously restricted in their willingness to learn to discern Allah Almighty’s commandments, can start our profound Islam Study course without setting foot outside their homes.

Muslim and non-Muslim men, women, and kids must have unhindered access to the divine words of Allah. Our qualified tutors have the deepest understanding of the Quran and Islamic canons to give you this access. Sign up to soak up Islamic studies online to take the first step toward happy and righteous life and peaceful eternity hereafter. Inshallah, you are finally open to the all-embracing wisdom of Allah Almighty.

The Islamic Studies course that adds religious value to your deeds

Our progressively designed course is available for all students, as our tutors speak the most widespread languages. At Al-Quran World, we bring an understandable learning environment to the web, so you can embrace the holy words with private lessons for better comprehension.

Every Al-Quran World graduate will be given a certificate for completing the Islamic Studies online course, which comprises the following directions:

    • Islamic History. The course invites you to reveal the history of Islam, starting from the Muhammad era, covering the Golden Age, and what’s going on today. You will learn about the greatest achievements of Muslims throughout the centuries.
    • The Quran and Tafseer. Delve into Allah’s canons through verses and surahs to avail yourself of the true essence of the religion. The learning sections can be tailored to kids for interactive knowledge acquisition.
    • Hadith. Learn to listen to the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) and how they translate to your daily life. You are blessed to take a deeper look at Sunnah and receive guidance for your Islamic journey.
    • Fiqh. The course sheds light on the words of Allah and how they extrapolate human actions to differentiate between good, sinful, disapproved, neutral, and recommended deeds.

This forms the comprehensive Islamic Studies online course. Start it today, and watch your guided progress evaluated and directed by our teachers.

The Islamic Studies program for everyone

At Al-Quran World, we make the world of Islam reachable by all people open to new knowledge and revelations. With one-to-one classes, the tutor’s attention is confined to you and your progress.

To kick-start your online Islamic studies, inquire about your first lesson at any specific date and time. Please note that a trial is free for this and other courses. 

Reveal the Islamic treasure trove of sacred knowledge with Al-Quran World!