Religious tourism

Religious tourism is a different kind of tourism that started to grow rapidly these days. Some people called it spiritual trips and faith tourism. Although it is not a new type of traveling, it just wasn’t as popular as nowadays. This type of tourism aims to enhance your religious beliefs because you visit places concern …

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Abraham in the Quran: Great stories and Major incidents

Abraham in the Quran was mentioned 69 times. He is the father of the prophets and the first messenger commissioned with the message of monotheism and the call to worship the one God, and from it, the Christian and Jewish religion arose, then Islam, which is the religion closest to the principles of monotheism. Abraham …

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Sunnahs of prayer

Sunnahs of prayer

What is the obligation of prayer? Muslims pray for Allah five obligatory prayers and sunnahs of prayer. Prayer is one of the essential five pillars of Islam next to the two testifications of faith. Allah enjoined them on our beloved prophet (PBUH) on the night of Al-Miraj (the ascension of the prophet). Prayer has a …

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