Our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) states the following while describing the best person in the world: “The best of you is the one who learns and teaches the Quran.” (Tirmidhi, Fedâilü’l-Quran, 15.) As it can be understood from the hadith, it is very virtuous to learn and teach the Quran, which is the word of Allah (c.c) and which has never been changed until today.

learn quran for kid It is very important that we understand and put into practice the verses in which each letter is written different thawabs as well as reading. So, where should we begin to teach those who do not know the Quran for our happiness in the world and the hereafter? How should we teach the Quran to children? Things to consider when giving religious education to children.

Age to learn Qur’an

Many parents do their best to get their children religious education at an early age. Some mothers and fathers teach their children by explaining their religion, while others send them to courses so that they can learn in detail.

2-year-olds have a special curiosity about language during this period. Every word they hear comes to them differently, and because they want to use them, they grasp the words very quickly in this process. From the perspective of children, learning the Qur’an is a second language for them. According to children, it is around 3-4 years old to learn the Quran in the best way.

Since his vocabulary will be quite developed at this age, he starts to use words “fondly” rather than forcibly. In this age range, where they love to memorize poems or songs, a basis can be formed to learn the Qur’an.

Benefits of Learning Quran for Kids’

The most important advantage of learning the Quran at a young age is that it can be learned easily. You can easily teach the Quran to your children with the right methods.

The greatest gift that parents can give their children is the best future they can prepare for them, to provide them with solid basic religious education. Therefore, teaching the Quran to children is one of the most important duties for families. Of course, during this education, we need to reach children with the right approach and understand their psychology.

We have to teach our children our Book as revealed by Allah and conveyed by His Messenger. This is among our maternal and paternal duties. Failure to perform this duty is a serious flaw. Teaching the recitation of the Quran is one of the best gifts we will offer to our children. Our offspring will thus bond with the book of our Lord, enjoy the honor of reading it, and develop their language and pronunciation skills. They will become accustomed to different voices rising and falling, thickening and thinning, lengthening and shortening, and they will be able to use their own language better and more clearly. This will increase their self-confidence and spirituality.

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learn quran problems for kid

The concept of memorization should not be compulsory as if studying, it should be in the form of memorization created by the child’s own coming.

For this reason, various materials are developed in order to teach the Quran more easily to children whose minds are in play and entertainment. In this way, children can learn the Quran without getting bored, they do not forget and reinforce what they learned by repeating them with various games.

Steps of learn quran for kid

Children aged 5-6 inevitably have a problem of focusing while learning the Quran because their attention span is very short.

For this reason, the more sensory organs the sets address to the preschool age group, the more efficiency is obtained.  A mother and father who want their child to receive Quran education should give importance to the subject both in summer courses and at other appropriate times, should be in a serious dialogue with the educator teacher, follow up and question what is happening when necessary.

  • Since the time of 4-year-old children to be ready to learn is short, they should be taught the prayers and surahs and the letters by making them train.
  • The child should be made to touch the letter, write the letter and make the shape of the letter with play dough. When introducing the letters, the name of the letter is first mentioned. Then, if available, letter cards or wooden bultakes.
  • The child is made to touch the letter sensually. Shaving foam or whipped cream can be poured on a flat tray or table and writing the letter can be done. Children will love this and learn through play. Again, by printing out the letters, the letters can be painted, decorated. With play dough, the shapes of the letters can be made and permanent learning can be achieved.
learn quran for kid

learn quran for kid

  • Collective readings, which we call “collective instruction”, should be done as much as possible, and the gaps created by dealing with the remaining children such as absenteeism and learning difficulties should be closed. Collective and individual readings are made with group works.
  • When a regular and planned working method is applied, children who are capable, willing and supported from home, of course, switch to the Quran in a short time. As long as we do not rush. Especially, let’s not enter into “comparison”, which is extremely contrary to the spirit of education.
  • Parents and teachers should not rush in any way, take into account learning differences.
  • It should be added that children whose parents are in harmony with the Quran at home, who are recited, listened and listened to the Quran in their mother’s womb; They are much more enthusiastic and successful in both reading and learning against the Quran.
  • If you want your child to take the Quran education in a course, you should make sure that your child will love a place and a teacher they will love. Otherwise, your child will not like and refuse this education.

The Quran is the main source of the religion of Islam. The primary source we will refer to in solving the problems encountered is the Quran. So we must learn Quran to our kids.