Quran Explorer foundation

It is a website and foundation developed on October 1, 2005, on the East Coast, Southern US. This website’s purpose focuses on making the Quran access available for everyone, by all means.

It provides a Quran portal or Apps with index and Tafseer to help Muslims understand and learn Quran by themselves, or offers Quran interaction services to help people study and memorize Quran with professional online teachers.

In addition to other Islamic education services and apps includes Hadith e-books, Dua Explorer, Prayers Explorer.

Quran Explorer 

The portal is found in three versions:

  • Quran Explorer – Classic.
  • Quran Explorer – Mobile Friendly.
  • QE Simple Quran.

Quran Explorer is one of the most popular and helpful websites in Arabic and non-Arab Muslim communities. Its services give you the ease of learning, recitation and memorizing the Quran with advanced various translation options. The website also has a well-designed mobile app with an ads-free policy. 

What does the Quran explorer display look like? 

After you sign up on the website, the Quran tablet will appear, you can search for the Soura you want from the toolbar, or press the first button on the left for a more specific search process. From which you can determine the Soura or chapter you want, juz, Hizb and the range of verses you want to read. if you open the website from a Laptop, these options will appear directly on your display.

How can you play on Quran explorer?

On the second button to the left, you will find all the reciters you usually listen to like mashari rashed, Saad Al Ghamdi, Maher Al-Muayqali, and Other shuyukh from different nationalities you may want to listen to.

 At the bottom, you will find the play/pause button in the middle, and the bookmark button on the right to mark your stop by sura, verse and date and add it to your bookmark list.

From the same button, you can choose the type of script you want through reading and memorization, whether Osmani or Indopak. Then you can hide the script if you want to revise what you memorized.

Quran Explorer helps you memorize verses quickly 

This website can really make the process of memorizing the Quran quick and efficient. First, you will listen to the verse recited by tajweed and the proper pronunciation of the letters from the reciter you found easy to follow the translation with.

Then, you will set the number of repeats you want for each verse and the complete chapter.

In the end, and after you feel that you saved the whole chapter, you can hide the script and revise, to make sure that you know the verses by heart now.

How to get the translation on Quran explorer? 

Translation options on the website are diverse, important foreign Muslim languages are found with more than one translation. from the fourth button on the app -you will find the languages to choose from. English has 5 options by 5 Different qualified  Muslim translators:


  • Eng- Abdul Daryabad.
  • Dr Mohsin.
  • Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio.
  • Pickthal-Audio.
  • Yusuf Ali.

Urdu has 3 different translations: Urdu by Ahmed Ali, Ashraf Thanwi and Jalandhry-Audio.

Other languages include Deutsch, French, Indonesian, Turkish, Malaysian, Spanish and Spanish by Julio Cortes.

How to Learn Tajweed on  Quran explorer?

You can listen to the Tajweed of the available reciters on the app, or enrol in the online interaction courses offered by the website. 

Online interaction courses

These courses offered by the website, enable you to indulge your mind and soul in the deep meanings of the Quran while learning and memorizing it.

IT focuses on teaching verses and Souras with the correct Tajweed and recite rules. You can learn anytime from anywhere, classes are accessible 24 hours 7 days a week which is a time-saving Opportunity.

Online interaction instructors

also, Quran Explorer teachers are mostly Hafiz of Quran and some have also completed Alim course. Most of the instructors are proficient in English, Urdu and Arabic.

Tajweed courses on Quran Explorer  

This Islamic foundation offers a new program of one-on-one online Quran classes for all age groups throughout the world.As it is an obligation on every Muslim to learn Quran Tajweed, instructors in Quran explorer will go into the details of Tajweed rules including Ikhfa, Ghunna, Ikhfa Meem Saakin, Idgham, Qalqala, Qalb, and Idgham.

IN THIS COURSE, you will practice the rules on verses and learn the different exits of letters from mouth and nose.other one-on-one online courses on the website:

  • Basic Quran Reading Lessons
  • Quran Memorization
  • Quran Translation
  • Basic Islamic Education
  • Arabic Language
  • Custom Course

Quran explorer courses fees

First, you can try the 2-days free trial on the website, and if you find yourself comfortable with the teaching techniques, you can register for the weekend course on Saturdays and Sundays for 40$ a month, or ask for a different type of course.

Ask the Quran interactive (QI) bot

The website designed bot can answer your questions fast and easy about available online courses, registration, fees, scheduling, free trials and fees.

Islamic education on Quran explorer

Hadith are a major interest on the website too, it provides Source materials from the University of Southern California MSA site converted from Imaan Star. these sources include e-books for the 4 major Hadith narrators Bukhari, Muslim, Malik and Dawud.

Over 18,000 hadith about Islamic beliefs, Fiqh, the Sunnah, the rulings of prayer and fasting, the Nobel manners of the Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, with his companions, and other religions.

It is a real treasure for new and non-Arab Muslims to delve deeper into Islam and strengthen the bond that brought them together with this religion in the first place.

This library is a very helpful source for people who want to spread the real teachings of Islam and correct the false Stereotypes about Islam, as they will benefit the most from these translated scripts and information.


Did you visit the Quran Explorer Blog?

The site also has its own blog that publishes simplified articles on matters related to the daily life of a:

Muslim, including, information about important topics in Islam like :

Sunnah, Eid and Malaika,

correcting some common mistakes and the best ways to perform acts of worship,in a smooth and enjoyable way to read.

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