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how to prepare for ramadan 2021

how to prepare for ramadan 2021

how to prepare for ramadan 2021,Ramadan is an important month in the Islamic calendar. It is a time of compulsory fasting: “Fasting is prescribed to you as it has been prescribed for those who have preceded you, that you may reach taqwaah.” (Quran, 2:183) this worship in this time is one of the articles of Islam. 

importance of ramadan 

 Ramadan is the most important month between all the other days because if you traied to preparing your self for ramadan you may be one of the Muslims that win by taking a lot of benefits from holy quran and from the holy month ramadan first you have to know that:

  • fast some days that makes you more appreciation for the days that you eat easily on.
  • ramadan prepare you to be a person that feel with the poor people and this month ramadan also prepare your heart to be an islamic heart just in 30 days and to be one of the good muslims.

prepare  your calendar and try to write on the first paper ramadan  prepare ,you have to know its not just preparing its working on preparing a wonderful ramadan calendar.

  • a lot of muslims read the holy qoran on feb  may or april  but its not like ramadan 100%.
  • preparing for ramadan on the month of ramadan is good but the best is to appreciate the soul for ramadan and to know deep in your heart that holy month of ramadan  is you chance to seek forgiveness from Allah and he will accept you.

The reward for Ramadan is unknown to humans. (Allah said): “All the good works of the son of Adam are for him except fasting. It is for me, and I will reward him (to him who fasts). The smell of the mouth of a man in this time  is better for Allah than the smell of musk.” (Bukhari) 

You might read this and wonder why the subject Preparing Ramadan when we are not approaching the month of Shaban. Answer — It was reported by some of the Sahabas who used to pray to Allah Almighty for six (6) months so that they could live to attend Ramadan and pray five (5) months later for He to accept them. (Source Islamqa) This is an act that we can relive together. There is no need to wait until Shaban starts to prepare well 

Directly to the discussion, how can we prepare for Ramadan?

 Make a dua for Allah Almighty to accept last year’s Ramadan. The act of worship requires the acceptance of Allah. Therefore, the need to supplement your act of worship with dua. Do because Allah Almighty keeps you alive to attend the next Ramadan. 

Many people died between Ramadan and now, which allowed us to see the limitation of human capabilities. Pray that Allah Almighty increases your life expectancy with the intention of doing good. 

Pay your Ramadan last year if you still have to pay. Plan an action plan. Discover your Ramadan last year and what you planned to do after Ramadan.


The goal is to turn good deeds into a habit that you can be able to adhere to and integrate into your lifestyle. 

To do this, it is recommended to get a diary or notebook where you write things. When you write things, you are more likely to follow it, because you can always examine them. 

Note some actions you have developed in Ramadan and why you want to integrate them into your lifestyle. For example, if one of your actions was to pray to the Tahajjud (night prayer), indicate whether you committed yourself to it and whether you became attached to the habit after Ramadan. 

Take active steps to make your action happen. Using Tahajjud’s example above, what will you do to ensure that you are able to wake up to Taajjud? He may be asleep before, making Allah Almighty allow you to wake up, wudu before bedtime, and intend to wake up to Tahajjud. 

To avoid overwhelming, you can start by waking up once a week and gradually increasing your capacity as you become more consistent. You can choose a Barakah action and implement it in your life. A few tasks you can accomplish in preparation for Ramadan. 

Note what else you can do to prepare Ramadan

 After writing your task list, type actions to implement what you typed. Set goals around improving or adding to your daily prayers that can be achieved at the end of Ramadan. Like praying all your nawafil prayers after Salah, recite the Quran before or after Salah. 

Try to beg often, Allah Almighty loves to hear about us, especially in the late hours of the night. (reported Abu Hurairah (Radiallahu anhu): The Apostle of Allah said: “Our Lord, the Blessed, the Superior, comes every night to Heaven closest to us when he remains the last third of the night saying, “Is there anyone who invokes me to respond to the invocation? Is there anyone asking me, so I can grant you your request? Is there anyone who seeks My forgiveness, that I may forgive Him? [Bukhari] 

We must try to be better after every Ramadan in our lives, because it’s about cleansing ourselves. Clean us. And make us aware of our relationship with Allah.

We need to take this opportunity to look at our lives and determine if we have improved in one aspect of dinners as we grow. Think realistically about how Ramadan benefits you, rather than how you only act this month! 

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