Every mum and dad wish to offer the best for their kids’ life. Teaching the book of Allah is the greatest thing that parents can do for their children ever. Online Quran learning for kids is very important for their lives and the hereafter. The Holy Quran changes your mind and manner completely. That is why you have to insist on teaching your child all about his Islamic religion. The Holy Quran ayat will give him what he really needs. He will learn how to live in this world and achieve his dreams, the method to own the Janna afterlife, and how to rule and judge and even work. The Holy Quran is the guide to living well.

Yazid Ibn Yabnus said: “We went to A’isha and said, ‘Umm al-Mu’minin, what was the character of the Messenger of Allah, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, like?’ She replied, ‘His character was the Qur’an. Can you recite the surah entitled “The Believers”?’ She said, ‘Recite: “It is the believers who are successful: those who are humble in their prayer; those who turn away from the worthless talk; who actively pay zakat; those who guard their private parts.” (23:1-5)’ She said, ‘That was the character of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.’

Learning Quran online for kids

Online Quran learning for kids became a widely used method to connect children with their religion. You can find highly qualified courses on alquranworld The website offers experienced teachers who can learn kids with new tools. Your children can learn Tajweed and all recitation rules to read and recite correctly. Also, Tafseer will be studied to ease to keep the Holy Quran in your heart. In addition, kids can get the most important steps and tips to memorize our beloved Holy book. Our tutors know how to deal with the children because they need special care and new amusing methods of learning.

Abu Hurairah – may God be pleased with him – narrated that the Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – said: “No people gather in a house of God, recite the Book of God, and study it among them unless tranquility descends on them: Mercy overwhelms them, and the angels swear by them and mention them God is with him.”

Activities for kids learning Quran

Nowadays students especially kids learn better using untraditional methods. That’s why smart teachers try all the time to improve their teaching tools. Studying Islam for kids can be more fun using activities suitable for the student’s age. Today tutors are more educated and advanced. They can help the student to overcome their studying difficulties. Online Quran learning for kids has completely changed and here are some ideas to help new Muslim kids to learn more about Islam:

  • Quran book with pictures:

It is a book designed especially to help kids. It is translating the verses of the Quran from Arabic into English. The book also describes the story and the reason for each aya. It is full of pictures and just a few words to understand the surah.

Online Quran learning for kids

  • Colouring Islamic books:

Another nice idea is the educating coloring books which contain a lot of Islamic pictures. They may be from the Holy Quran ayat or a specific manner like the Islamic treating. This kind of activity is very useful because kids can easily connect the lesson with colors.


  • Drawing the Surah: 

Another method to help your kids to study the Holy Quran is to draw the ayat by yourself. This tool is very interesting especially if your kids are artists. You can use this idea with short verses and for your young kids.

Online Quran learning for kids

  • Islamic crafts:

This activity is very good for kids particularly young ones. You can detect certain Islamic manners and start to create them using colored papers and printed drawings. When you explain the new morals using 3D structure, your kids can understand and apply them easier.

Online Quran learning for kids

Children learn Quran

No doubt that you should NEVER force your kids to learn Islam and at the same time you have to care this issue. It is like a mathematical equation that needs accurate steps to be correct. First and as most materials, they must love their religious. When your kids admire Islam, they will ask themselves to learn all about it. I have some pieces of advice for you, they may help your kids:

  1. Be a role model for your kids
  2. Start your day by listening to the Holy Quran
  3. Upbring your children with the Allah love
  4. Use the Holy Quran ayat and Hadith regularly while talking
  5. Let them understand first then memorize the Quranic verses
  6. Try to apply the simple everyday Islamic manners, such as the greetings and eating morals
  7. Create a community of other Muslim kids to encourage your child
  8. End your day with the sleeping zikr (duaa) and ask your to repeat after you to be saved all the night

When do children learn to read the Quran?

“Education in childhood, such as engraving on stone” (a traditional saying)

It is well known that the superior time to learn anything is from a younger age. But, at first you should know that learning Quran is lifelong. One of the famous American scholars says “I have been studying the Quran for over thirty years now and it never fails to fascinate me. Our Holy Quran is the book directing the life, so whenever you open this book you will be surprized. But when we can enroll and encourage our children to study Islam?

Online Quran learning for kids can be started between the ages three to five years old. The classes are different depending on the age and the kid’s determination. It may be two or three lessons a week. The tutor of your child will tell you the notes and the direction to help her and your child. Finally, Quran should be your everyday lifestyle to win both the recent world and the hereafter Jannah.

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