Quran memorization is a great task that considered a spiritual and mental journey. It aims to increase your connection with Islam by keeping the words of Allah by heart. Saving the Holy Quran ayat in your heart shows how much you love Allah and his religion. Quran memorization helps you to enhance your relationship with other people. Islam is the religion of peace and the Quran ayat teach us how to treat others; not only Muslims but also non- Muslim people. To keep Quran, you should learn the great meanings inside each verse besides the reason and the story of it.

There are many benefits of Quran memorization. We call the Muslim person who kept the whole Quran ayat inside his heart, Hafiz. This keeper, who has made effort and spent time to get this honor, has a special position among the Islamic community. He has learned the orders and principles that Allah mentioned in his Holy book. When you understand the Quranic verses and ayat, it will be easier to apply them in your life. Also, you can help others to be more humane because Quran changes the heart completely. That’s why people prefer to ask Hafiz for his advice and guidance.

Quran memorization techniques

There is more than one method to keep the Holy Quran ayat in your heart and become a Hafiz. No doubt that you need a perfect procedure; after all, you are trying to keep 77,430 words. Here in this article, I will show you some of the Quran memorization techniques. Just pick up the most proper method for you:

One: Audio-Visual technique

People have different responses to the different ways of displaying information. Some of them don’t even know their suitable method. This technique is very good because it uses two methods at the same time; reading and listening. Use your Mushaf (the Holy Quran book) and the records of your favorite reciter.

Two: Memory Palace technique

This technique is completely unusual; it was put to eliminate the normal dull of studying. It works by the method of peg word. You have to connect the words of the Quranic ayat with your surroundings and everyday life. This idea is great because its main goal is to keep the Quran in your long-term memory.

Three: Memorize In Order technique

Sometimes it is better to move in the ordinary sequence; from the beginning of the book till its end. Jumping from a surah to another may confuse the scholar. This technique encourages starting from the first surah; Al Fatihah because it is only seven lines, then go forward. This method will satisfy you because you finish a complete juz’ (section).

Four: Memorize by repeating

This is the most classical method of Quran memorization. It depends on listening to your Sheikh or teacher and repeat after him several times. This technique is the best for the learners who can’t read directly from the Mushaf like children and non-speaking Arabic.

Quran memorization app

Nowadays, everything in our life has an electronic copy. There are websites, e-books, and plenty of applications for what you desire. Many electronic applications have been designed to provide the Holy Quran simply. Usually, the application contains the written Holy book, plenty of records of the best Arabic reciters, and the Tafseer of the Quranic ayat. Most applications are full easy and clear to use; just one touch to move among the available choices.

Now it is important to understand how to use the Quran applications in Quran memorization:

  1. The Holy Quran is in your pocket 24 hours; so you can read more and more and this will ease the memorization.
  2. Records on the application would be very helpful for you if you have no enough time or if you can’t read Arabic words.
  3. Quran applications have bookmarks to sign the aya you stopped at; so you can complete your memorization after.
  4. The applications can be accessed from both, your mobile phone or desktop, also it is compatible on most platforms.
  5. Some applications support a special community for their users to encourage each other and compete in memorization.

Quran memorization online

Quran memorization needs both a sincere intention and a strong will. It may take months or years; it is all about personal abilities. You just need a patient Sheikh who owns the suitable learning tools besides your passion and diligence. It is important to mention that the human’s memory needs regular revision to keep its inner saved information for the longest time ever.

www.alquranworld.com offers amazing online classes for the new scholars. Our vision is to help Muslims to keep Quran inside their hearts through a special program and experienced teachers. Our course applies two methods:

  1. Talqeen:

This is very helpful to kids and grownups who are non-Arabic speakers. We help them by reading for them the ayat in its right way; with Tajweed and Makharij (point of articulation). By listening more and more to the teacher, they can memorize properly.

  1. Reading:

This is more suitable for those who already can read using the Arabic rules. Students of this class will be asked to listen to their tutor then read by themselves. After reading several times, they will memorize the ayat well.

What the prophet said about memorization the Quran

Our beloved Mohammed (PBUH) has many sayings that proved the importance of Quran memorization. We were told that: Muslims who keep the Quran inside their hearts, got countless welfare in their lives and after. Saving the Quran is a great act because it is the word of Allah and that’s why its prize is also great.

The prophet Mohammed said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

Evidence on the importance of Quran memorization is the rewards of the parents of the Hafiz. Allah promised that moms and dads, who push their kids to keep Quran, will get their prize after.

The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said:

” Whoever recites the Quran, learns it and acts according to it will be given a crown of light to wear on the Day of Judgment whose light will be like the sun. His parents will be clothed in two garments that did not exist in this worldly life. So they will say, what has caused us to be clothed (in these garments)?’ It will be said “Your child taking hold of the Quran has caused this”

Now, my friends, it is time to enroll in Quran memorization classes with our experienced tutors to win the Jannah in shaa’ Allah.

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